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Building a story, Building a brand

 Effortless displays are not so simple; it’s all about putting your brand out and building on that. In 2013 DE Group was approached by Foot Science International Ltd. To create a display board for their international stands that would be easily functional and accessible in the long term.

The Display needed to be re-usable and easily broken down for a variety of smaller shows, attractive and simply transportable. Most importantly Foot Science International required successful communication of the Formthotics branding and message.

Now three years later, The New Zealand story publishes an article talking to David Boyd, the Founder and Director of Foot science International, indicating the importance of tradeshows and building a brand that is deep rooted in the messages you are sending.

“Trade shows are a key part of our business strategy. They’re a highly competitive environment and trying to stand out from the thousands of much bigger companies is tough. So we're looking for every possible way that we can compete, to show our difference and tell a better story." -David Boyd

Read more about it here:

We’re proud to say the display is still going strong with its seamless design, successfully communicating the Formthotics New Zealand message.

Check out the DE portfoliofor photos of this project.